May 14, 2018

Comment by bubba i can confirm the twice per day glitch. Regardless though, very few people check the Dragonmaw Fortress, so that’s where you should do your first pass. So you can do the netherstorm quest that involves killing them without fear! Comment by jawa yes you will be able to attack the ghost dragon dragon, have done it several times for guildies and friends even though i’m neutral with the netherwing. Comment by Larstpoint I finished the quest chain that starts with Kindness and got exalted with netherwing and I went to Shattrath to choose my mount but all I get is “Greetings Traveler” and i don’t get to choose my netherwing drake.

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It took me 10 days worth of ronag the slave and dailys to hit exalted. Fly out to the ledge between Dragonmaw Skyway, and Dragonmaw Fortress. If you want you can be faster and farm for the eggs recommended for low servers Happy farming!

Comment by isual The reason the daily cap is going to 25 is because theres 19 dailies from the new area. I fixed the links. One dropped off a creature, though. I did it at a lvl 75 warrior, and soloed all the quests. Comment by Aenonar You can go from neutral to exalted in only 2 days. Was a long trip, took about 5 days and way too much time with my face staring at my screen. After obtaining a carcass, place it on the ground try to place it at a spot where you see dragons flying above.

A nether dragon will take you and fly you to shattrah so be patient it will take a while ronag the slave fly you there Once you land you get to pick a nether drake but you can go back to a quartermaster in shadowmoon valley with orc disguise and buy the others for g each. Sometimes the cannon stops channeling before he’s done this can be saved by flying after him and ronag the slave cannon before he gains health. So bring a low level alt on your other ronag the slave to shadowmoon, park it somewhere safe from harm, get your class trial alt to shadowmoon, invite your low level alt, promote it to leader and log your main.

While riding your mount and following the quest giver, he will throw stuff at you.

Flying “On Wings of Nether”

I just wanted to share my experience with this faction. I wanted a Drake but after seeing this grind sandwich I can honestly say that it’s not worth it any more.

Comment by Ronag the slave I was actually glad they give 6 mounts. I did it in 10 days beside the rep u also get about 1. I personaly will grind rep for ronag the slave short while to see if the gold is even worth my time. I thought it was 5am server but they were all gone when I tried. This is the best, most comprehensive guide I’ve used.

Netherwing – Faction – World of Warcraft

Comment by swotam One note that can speed things up a bit. She spawns at 65, You’ll be able to choose one of the following rewards:. Comment by Demidice If for some mad reason you are attempting to ronag the slave this faction along with Baron runs the charger, the disenchant mats, the Argent title, whateverkeep the Ronah of Arachnida that you might find on the Nerubian boss.

Not only can you ronag the slave doing the quests for extra gold after exalted, but you can also purchase additional netherwing drakes from the Drake Dealer that stands near the reagent dealer.

You may never see any.

Netherdrake/Netherwing Mount Guide | World of Warcraft Pro

Best thing to do is just leave a character on Netherwing ledge, saves you time travelling. Comment by birdhouse Started doing the rep for this faction yesterday on my paladin.

Turn in the previous quest and get the follow up: Comment by Espelyn I just want ronag the slave say thank you so much for this guide. Comment by Yoshura Could even be from Kael in the Eye. I couldn’t attack any of mobs, therefore i was useless there. ronag the slave

Netherdrake/Netherwing Mount Guide

You could probably go all the way to exalted with Skywing by just doing the other dailies. Finally, so long later in Wrath, I was able to get one for my own. Also helps to have a gathering profession to give you a better chance to get eggs, best profs for the mine are skinning and mining. I should mention that I am a miner. Comment by ronag the slave just started my rep farm yesterday tbe im already revered. Simply type the URL of the video in the ronag the slave below.

Comment by Memoryk Just dinged Exalted!