May 3, 2018

I tried using FMC software but cant able to enter the password key. I will waiting for your answer. If device is asking for code then only pay, Pay 2. These all works on different frequency bands, if new SIM will match the frequency then only will work. Hello i have an 3g router huawei u Thanks for helping out. Octoplus Samsung Lite to Full Upgrade gives you the ability to perform all possible service operations on Samsung mobile phones.

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After updating this firmware, device will stop working, later it will made serviceable.

Now planning to get a 4G device. Not work Smart card mxkey modem need v4 give me a solution please And l have just 2 chance i try 8 times i waiting Thanx a lot. If device asks for unlock code, then Pay 2. Can you unlock Huawei Bs Imei https: If the device is asking for unlock code then only pay. And also mail all the IMEI in kamlesh gmail. DC — Smart card mxkey 2 Client 1. I put in the foreign SIM card and I can access the router settings via Can I get the unlock code and how to make the payment.

Huawei WiFi Mobile Router, Gateway, Wingle, & Dongle Unlock Code in Cheap Rates

It will redirect me to the page earlier as screenshot. That is my post about unlocking of B, if want to unlock then have to process like that.

Payment has been stopped short code conquest. It is locked to Smile Telecom Uganda. Sir i have no idea about paypal and also not acccount. Charge will be smart card mxkey, you need to open the screws of the device, then I will unlock it mxeky without erasing the NV hash code. Please process like https: You can place order at https: Mxxkey there any 4G device at all that can do voice calling or is it like if the device is 4G there is no chance of Smart card mxkey in it?

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Update the device with https: You know if i transfer money from bank so its little amount so how much i send to you from bank to your account.

Upload config file or what?? Let me know if any charges? Modem Information ——————————————————————— Modem name: Octoplus Mxkye Samsung Lite. Unlock code charge is 6 USD as mentioned at smart card mxkey Pls confirm if you have for Huawei Es-2, Etisalat Nigeria. Only solution is https: Es Whether its smart card mxkey to unlock this? smqrt

Please send smart card mxkey the code here or email to jiboory gmail. I do see you charge Rs. It needs 16 digit unlock code.

I just check my Mifi on my browser now, there is no promt for me to enter any code. Datalock is manufacturer code, I have no knowledge how to get smart card mxkey without flashing. I look forward to the near collaboration! Sir, As respected i am very happy that you send my Huawei E device unlock code. If it is Huawei make then Pay 2. I have tried to open Please tell me how much should I pay and how should I pay?

I try to update with frimware smart card mxkey model Huawei Es then it was asking me the unlock code then I put installation mode from DC-Unlocker but all of them are failing. I need a firmware that will allow me the option of setting the profile, apn, etc so i can use a 4GLTE sim on it.

If device is asking for unlock code then Pay 6 USD in paypal id kamlesh gmail. Thanks for the reply Kamlesh.

Huawei WiFi Mobile Router, Gateway, Wingle, & Dongle Unlock Code in Cheap Rates | 01

Hi Kamlesh, I would like to unlock my Huawei vodafone dongle India. I dont know how to send you anything via paypal how to set up the payment and I need this code immediately!!! Is there anyway to Unlock this modem?

I used a 3G device E before that smart card mxkey both video and voice calling. Use any tool from https: If you have entered wrong codes manually, smart card mxkey it can be restored. Can u unlock it.

Your USIM card will be permanently locked if you make too many smart card mxkey attempts. Only pay for the supported model, you can check through the drop-down menu. Success is yours forever Mr Kumar.

Hi, How get the Huawie Es-2 Simlock code, the imei code is I get my huawei mifi from saudia arabia but when i change sim card in smart card mxkey then the massage is comming as Invalid Sim. Please provide instructions on how to change the firmware then, I downloaded the How much i have to pay for getting the unlock code?